Title IV-E

Frequently Asked Questions: General

What is the Title IV-E program?

Title IV under the Social Security Act supports states in assisting needy families with children and child welfare services. Under Title IV-E support for children in foster care and adoption assistance is provided. The program specifically allows for federal matching funds for the education and training of child welfare workers. It is managed under the Administration for Children and Families of the Department of Health and Human Services. In Georgia, the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) has state authority for the program, and Georgia State University serves as the program administrator.

What type of financial support is provided to Title-IV-E students?

Title IV-E provides stipends to students who wish to work in the child welfare upon graduation. Stipends are provided for the duration a student is satisfactorily matriculating in an accredited BSW or MSW social work program. Stipends include financial support to cover such educational expenses as tuition, books, fees. Other covered expenses may include travel to approved professional conferences, or a living allowance.

How do students apply to the Title IV-E program?

Any interested student wanting to apply to Title IV-E must apply at the institution they are currently matriculating. Students must be accepted into the school of social work before applying to the Title IV-E program. A separate Title IV-E application process includes students submitting required application materials, including a writing sample, completed background checks, signed student agreement form and completing a personal interview before a panel consisting of school faculty and DFCS managers. Participating schools may have other application requirements; interested students should review the program descriptions and application requirements under the school of their choice.

Which schools of social work are participating in Title IV-E in Georgia?

Presently there are seven institutions in Georgia participating in the Title IV-E program:

Albany State University                                 Kennesaw State University

Augusta University                                         Savannah State University

Georgia State University                               University of Georgia

Valdosta State University

Are part-time students allowed to participate in Title IV-E?

Part-time students are allowed to participate in Title IV-E if the school has an existing part-time schedule in their program. Students who are current employees at DFCS and wish to return to school for a graduate degree in social work must complete the Staff Enrichment and Educational Development (SEED) application and acquire approval from their immediate supervisor to before completing an application at the preferred institution.

What is the student’s commitment after graduation?

Students who successfully complete their educational degree (BSW or MSW) under the Title IV-E stipend program must commit to working in a county child welfare office for the same period of time financial support was received. Therefore, if a student received two years of Title IV-E funding, the student is required to commit to two years of employment with DFCS. During the application process, students sign a student agreement form acknowledging this financial arrangement.  Students who default on this commitment will be pursued by the state Attorney General’s office.

A student who is an employee of DFCS must return to a county child welfare office to fulfill their work obligation in exchange for financial support.

How should students obtain additional information about the Title IV-E program?

Students interested in the program should contact the participating school of interest, and the Title IV-E program director at the school.